T.I.'s Son Didn't Know Will Smith Was A Rapper Or Tupac Was An Actor

T.I.'s Son Didn't Know Will Smith Was A Rapper Or Tupac Was An Actor

11/29/2023 09:34 PM EST by WBLS Staff

After going viral for a bit of a family tussle, T.I. and his son, King Harris were guests on Complex’s Goat Talk series. The two partook in many conversations covering a range of topics but when T.I. asked his son some questions about Will Smith and Tupac, he was shocked to hear the answers.

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Harris admitted to not knowing Tupac was an actor before he died in 1996. He also shared that he did not know that Will Smith once had a rap career under the moniker, The Fresh Prince.

The two were asked who the GOAT rapper-turned-actor was and when T.I. said his pick was Tupac, Harris replied, “Tupac was an actor?”

“Man, get out. Get out!" the Rubberband Man rapper said. Harris explained that he thought that the actor in Juice was just a Tupac look alike.

After moving on through the conversation, T.I. mentioned that Will Smith could't be forgotten in the list. Harris responded,“He a rapper?”

“Bruh, I don’t know no Will Smith songs," he exclaimed after his father voiced his disappointment. "That’s like asking me ‘what’s a Nick Cannon song?'”

The release of the video comes days after Harris went on Instagram Live with his parents. The two claimed he had a “silver spoon” childhood, which King denied, leading to an on-camera tussle between he and his father.

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“Do y’all wanna go to the bando in my neighborhood,” King asked before accusing T.I. of lying. “To make him look better, he say sh*t that he know not true. Silver spoon? I ain’t never ate with that a day in my life….They ain’t gonna tell you everything. They trying to hide it, sugarcoat it. He capping. He know I stand on business, he know that. Ain’t no n*gga ever pull my card ever in life, I stand on business.”