Tabitha Brown Grows Production Company With A New Media Partnership

Tabitha Brown Grows Production Company With A New Media Partnership

Krista B.
08/25/2023 12:00 AM EDT

Tabitha Brown is continuously making big moves in her career.

Brown’s production company Do You Believe Enterprises has partnered with Made With Love Media to serve as a production partner for film and TV.

Stephen “Dr” Love, owns Made With Love Media, and will assume the role of Chief Growth Officer, the news release states.

Brown said in a statement about her new partnership, “Stephen and I have always been aligned in how we move through the world. Between his time as my manager and now, we’ve both learned and experienced so much separately that it felt like the perfect time to reunite and build something special. Stephen’s natural understanding of business, passion for storytelling and ability to identify growth opportunities will play a pivotal role in the continued success of my brand.”

Love’s company will oversee the expansion of film and television of Brown’s company as well as her brand partnerships. This decision was made after Love, who was her manager from 2018-2019, got her over 50 brand deals.

In another statement, Love said, “I’m proud to partner with Tab again and in a bigger capacity with more resources and experiences to amplify her vision.” He continued, “She believed in me from the beginning, so it’s only right that Do You Believe is the first to partner with Made with Loved Media in our new business model that builds supportive ecosystems around creatives to maximize the value of their voice.”

Congratulations to Tabitha Brown!