Tamar Braxton Clears Up Leaked Video Of Chrisean Rock In Her Dressing Room

Tamar Braxton Clears Up Leaked Video Of Chrisean Rock In Her Dressing Room

WBLS Staff
01/02/2024 12:42 PM EST

After a video surfaced from the night that Chrisean Rock assaulted Tamar Braxton's background singer, James Wright Chanel, the songstress is clearing up what exactly the video portrays. 

In the video, Braxton, her sister Toni and her crew are in Braxton's dressing room praying before they went on stage to begin the show. Rock is seen interrupting the prayer circle by requesting to join in. Braxton, taken aback, pauses for a moment and Rock urges her to continue the prayer. Rock is then seen trying to hold Toni's hand and Toni places her hand behind her back. 

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“I had to get on here because Toni’s not gonna say nothing,” Braxton explained in her video. She continued to share that her facial expression was pure shock because she usually does not allow anyone in her dressing room before the show. She questioned, “Why wasn’t [Chrisean] stopped at the door?”

Braxton then went on to explain her sister's actions were because of her lupus condition. She explained that any exposure to germs could be unsafe for someone in her condition. “What [Toni’s] not finna do is touch a stranger’s hand, embrace a stranger. She don’t know Chrisean from Adam,” she continued.

Braxton finished her explanation of that recorded interaction on Twitter.

“I wasn’t going to say anything because I think that at this point y’all are going to believe whatever you want. And ALL the events that happened was unfortunate. But what is truly DISGUSTING is that my dressing room and prayer is a sacred place and whomever released that can go straight to hell. I’m OVER it!! Coming for my sister who has lupus and don’t even really come outside was the line for me. This is so traumatic. Having to relive that night because some greedy person wanted to sell footage. Well now i have the ALL the footage y’all been waiting on. God don’t like ugly. I’m Never EVER discussing this again," she tweeted.