Tamar Braxton Shares An Encouraging Video To Help People Struggling With Mental Health

02/01/2022 12:00 AM EST by WBLS Staff
Tamar Braxton is reaching out to the people who have been struggling with their mental health. The singer/songwriter went on her Instagram Live to discuss mental health and the misconceptions that she has often faced among her group of friends. While on the live, she encouraged others to “stay in a good safe place.” She said “I just wanted to give some encouragement to people who have had experience with mental illness and have gone through a mental illness situation. And I was just talking about the box that people put you in after you’ve worked so hard to get into a safe good space with yourself.” The “Love and War” singer continued, “I just wanted to give some encouragement to the people who are struggling to stay in a good place because of the perceptions of other people who don’t quite understand.” She added as she was becoming emotional, “I’m getting a little emotional because I don’t think you guys understand how difficult it is to change the narrative of something is wrong with you. Or ‘she’s sensitive, you gotta be cool or sensitive with her, you gotta watch your stride with that person because you know she suffers from mental illness.’ And it’s not fair. It’s not fair because of the work we put into, to be ok.” Tamar Braxton has been very vocal about her struggles with mental illness in the past. In June 2021, she revealed that she was in a “dark and heavy” place in her life when she addressed her suicide attempt that left her hospitalized. Watch the entire video below.