Tevin Campbell Believes R.Kelly Is Best Person To Against Usher In A Verzuz

09/08/2022 12:00 AM EDT by WBLS Staff
Tevin Campbell shares his opinion on who he believes will be the best person to face Usher in a Verzuz. After surprising fans during Usher’s residency in Las Vegas to perform his hit song “Can We Talk”, the singer was seen having a conversation about his opinions on Verzuz according to reports. “I just know that Usher is great, he’s a great artist. We can all be kings and be great at what we do and still co-exist as kings,” Campbell said. “There’s R.Kelly. I’m not saying anybody can beat [Usher] but R.Kelly has a lot of hits and he wrote all of them.” He continued, “When I think of an R&B artist who has had a lot of hits, I think of R.Kelly and not only his hits [but] he’s written for so many other people. I think that whole Verzuz thing is great but I just don’t believe in the competition.” Social media recently went crazy over the weekend after videos of Campbell joining Usher on stage surfaced. See some of the reactions below. recently reported that Tevin Campbell officially identifies as a gay man. “I didn’t hide anything about me. I didn’t try to act a certain way or anything. You just couldn’t be [gay] back then,” he said. “Being around people who were like me, LGBTQ+ people that were living normal lives and had partners. I had never seen that. That was a great time in my life,” Campbell said. Do you agree with Tevin, that R.Kelly would be a better opponent for Usher in a Verzuz battle?