Texas Southern University Dismisses Student Balances, Nearly $2.3M of Debt

Texas Southern University Dismisses Student Balances, Nearly $2.3M of Debt

01/20/2024 11:43 AM EST by WBLS Staff

As reported by, Houston Public Media, Texas Southern Universaity has cleared the balances of 2,000 students to help alievaite finacial burden.

More than 900 students who had begun registering for the fall 2023 semester were able to continue their matriculation without financial holds. The University discharged outstanding balances for an additional 879, thus removing any financial barriers to their registration for the fall semester, as per

Investing about $2.3 million into the cause, the university had leftover dollars from a Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds grant received during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“For many students from traditionally underrepresented groups, one of the major reasons they don’t progress in their education journey is finances,” Provost Carl Goodman said in a statement Aug. 31.

“This administrative action means a lot, especially for those students who were in their freshman, sophomore or junior year of study,” he said. “Too often, if the students are living on campus, they must incur loans. The balance correction affords our students the opportunity to continue with their education and hopefully remain on track to graduate in four years.”

In addition to current students, more than 200 students who completed coursework during the past academic year will have their student account balances forgiven also, allowing them to receive diplomas and official transcripts that might’ve been barred by financial holds.

The dispensation applied to students with outstanding balances for the fall 2022, spring 2023 and summer 2023 semesters, according to the university.