'The Bernie Mac Show’ Star Jeremy Suarez Reveals Getting Regular Jobs After Childhood Fame

'The Bernie Mac Show’ Star Jeremy Suarez Reveals Getting Regular Jobs After Childhood Fame

07/27/2023 12:00 AM EDT by WBLS Staff

Jeremy Suarez launched his acting career at the tender age of five in Jerry Maguire. He later made guest appearances on sitcoms Sister, Sister and The Wayans Bros but is best known for his role as Jordan onThe Bernie Mac Show. However, he has since traded in the limelight for regular employment.

Suarez joined the cast of The Bernie Mac Show at eight years old acting as the nephew of the titular character Bernie Mac. But when the show ended in 2006, Suarez revealed that he had to pick up several gigs working in retail, as a line cook, and in construction.

“I mean it was good work, it was heavy work, but like I said, it kinda put some hair on my chest, man,” he told Hype+ about his time as a boilermaker apprentice. Suarez said that it proved, “I may be an actor and I may got soft hands, but got dang it I’mma use ‘em to lift s—t. I’m not scared, ya know.”

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"After that (construction), it was working at a barbecue place. I was a line cook," Suarez shared. "It was a Valentines Day. I was working the salad station. I think I may have cut open 100 lettuces that day and I was like 'alright, I'm done!'"

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He added, "I always transitioned to regular jobs and lifestyle with the purpose of using that as a fact-finding mission. You go out and see the world and you make all of those things part of you."

Suarez hinted that he may make a return to acting in the future. He plans on using his experiences from his gigs to create scripts.

"Once I do fully transition back, like rappers got notebooks full of rhymes, I got notebooks full of script ideas and character ideas."

Fans commended him for his positive outlook on life outside of fame

"Nothing but respect for this man," one user wrote.

"Love this I am proud of this young man. A work ethic is the greatest character for an adult. Bernie is proud, he is a man of character, " another commented.

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