The Silver Years: Celebrating 25 Years of 'Living Single' [VIDEO]

08/22/2018 12:00 AM EDT by WBLS Staff

Photo Credit: Living Single/Warner Bros. Entertainment

In 1993, four women named Khadijah James, Synclaire James-Jones, Maxine Shaw, and Regine Hunter appeared on household TV screens across the country. They were funny, outspoken, and beautiful. And most importantly, viewers were able to relate to each single lady as they defined how to make it Living Single.

For five years and six seasons, the ladies of TV’s favorite Brooklyn abode went through ups and downs that made audiences laugh, cry, and everything in between. And like any classic ‘90s sitcom, they surprised viewers with celebrity appearances every chance they got. From Morris Chesnut and TLC to Heavy D and Isaiah Washington, actors, singers, and comedians in the Black community made sure to show New York’s single ladies some love.

Though the show went off air after six seasons, repeats have aired on multiple networks ever since. And today, fans can celebrate 25 years of Living Single.

From Regine’s cradle robbing days to quarrels between Kyle and Ovie, check out five memorable Living Single episodes below.

“The Hand That Robs the Cradle” (Season 1, 1994)

“Swing Out Sisters” (Season 4, 1997)

“Living Single Undercover” (Season 4, 1997)

“The Following is a Sponsored Program” (Season 3, 1995)

“The James Bond” (Season 3, 1995)