Tiger Woods And Nike End Their 27-Year Partnership

Tiger Woods And Nike End Their 27-Year Partnership

01/09/2024 02:45 PM EST by Krista B.

Tiger Woods and Nike have decided to go separate ways and end their partnership after 27 years. 

Nike and the famed golfer announced the split weeks after Nike revealed that they are planning to cut $2 billion in costs over the next three years. Woods has been wearing the clothing brand since 1996 when he made his professional debut. 

"Over 27 years ago, I was fortunate to start a partnership with one of the most iconic brands in the world," Woods wrote in a statement. "The days since have been filled with so many amazing moments and memories, if I started naming them, I could go on forever. Phil Knight's passion and vision brought this Nike and Nike Golf partnership together and I want to personally thank him, along with the Nike employees and incredible athletes I have had the pleasure of working with along the way."

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During their nearly three-decade partnership, Woods reportedly made hundreds of millions of dollars while working together. His most recent deal was for nearly $200 million. Nike was seemingly distancing itself from golf and in 2016 they stopped making golf gear including golf clubs. 

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