Tina Knowles Gets Serenaded By Destiny's Child For 70th Birthday

Tina Knowles Gets Serenaded By Destiny's Child For 70th Birthday

01/11/2024 11:53 AM EST by Z

Tina Knowles recently celebrated her 70th birthday. She took to Instagram to share more details about her birthday celebrations in Malibu Beach and even noted that she was serenaded by Destiny's Child.  

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“This has been a spiritual weekend, and just about the empowerment of kicka** women… and I feel so loved,” she said in her video post. “I had a little anxiety about turning 70, you know? But I’m so blessed to be here, and I’m so blessed to have the life that I have and the people that I have around me. All the love.”

She then revealed the news of the unofficial "reunion" of the early 2000's girl group.

“I even got serenaded by Destiny’s Child," she revealed. "How amazing is that? So I just want to thank everyone who sent me flowers, everyone that told me a happy birthday. I got so many well wishes. I’ve got so many bonus children — beautiful bonus children — and I just feel so blessed. I love you guys.”

In a previous conversation with Essence, she shared a few beautiful words abotuu the group's legacy and stylingthem in their early years. 

“When you think of a group like the Supremes, you not only wanted to hear them sing but you wanted to see what they were going to wear because they were different. So, we wanted to create that on our little budget,” she told the outlet. “I always tried to look at what each girl liked about her body.”