Trey Songz Gets Lawsuit Accusing Him of Sexual Assault Dismissed

Trey Songz Gets Lawsuit Accusing Him of Sexual Assault Dismissed

01/26/2024 05:37 PM EST by WBLS Stuff

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit accusing Trey Songz of sexual assault after he allegedly exposed a woman's breast back in 2013.

The case was dismissed after the judge found the plaintiff had failed to respond to Songz's motion to dismiss, according to TMZ.

Songz, who was recently hit with another lawsuit accusing him of sexually assaulting two women, was accused of exposing a woman's breast at a Connecticut pool party during the Foxwoods Liquid Sundays with Trey Songz event back in 2013.

The anonymous woman didn’t move forward with legal actions until 2022, when she sent a demand letter to Songz. She asked for nearly $5 million to settle the issue. But when that didn’t work, she filed a lawsuit in 2023.

The woman amended her complaint in July and a second time in September before Songz’s legal team filed a motion to dismiss, saying that the statute of limitations barred her claim. The judge then gave her a chance to file a third amended complaint, which she did.

However, since the third amended complaint was very similar to the second, Trey filed another motion to dismiss in December. His accuser never responded, TMZ reported.