Trugoy The Dove Of De La Soul Has Passed Away At 54

February 13, 2023 - Krista B.
Celebrity de la soul Trugoy The God
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This is sad news. Rapper Trugoy The Dove of De La Soul has passed away at 54 years old. 

There are no details on his cause of death however, the legendary rapper did confirm a few years ago that he battled with congestive heart failure. In a video on social media, he also share that he was having a hard time with being sidelined and being on the stage. 

“I’m ready just to get back to the stage,” he said at the time. “I miss that. I love traveling. I love being around my guys and I want that back.” In 2020, fans of the legendary group showed their concern for Trugoy after he was hospitalized. 

While on Instagram live with his group members, he reassured fans that he was in good spirits. 

After a long fight with their old record label to get their music on streaming platforms, the trio posted on their Instagram that six of their album will be on digital streaming platforms on March 3rd. 

The other members of the group, Pos and Dave, have not released any statements yet. We will keep them and the family of Trugoy The Dove in our thoughts and prayers.