Tupac Posthumously Being Sued For Copyright Infringement

Tupac Posthumously Being Sued For Copyright Infringement

11/28/2023 08:50 PM EST by Krista B.

It seems like the late Tupac Shakur may be posthumously hit with a lawsuit over his hit song “Dear Mama.”

Reports say that DJ Master Tee filed the lawsuit and cited copyright infringement against Interscope, Universal Music Group, and Tony D. Pizarro. In the lawsuit he has accused the party of “conspiring to withhold royalties from the song Dear Mama.”

The lawsuit reads, “A self-serving group, led by an upstart music producer, Tony D. Pizarro, conspired with executives at Interscope Records and Universal Music Group, misappropriated Master Tee’s publishing copyright and master recording copyright and assumed the identity of writer/publisher of Dear Mama’s music.”

The lawsuit also reveals that in a 1996 interview, Tupac said that he received the beat from Master Tee. “He gave me the beat and I wrote it in the bathroom on the toilet, like on one of them early morning sit down for sessions. I just wrote it down and it came out like, like tears, you know, right?”

DJ Master Tee is also requesting compensation for the royalties and damages for copyright infringement, theft of intellectual property, unjust enrichment and declaration that he is a co-writer and co-producer of the 1995 hit song.

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