Tyler Perry Donates 1,000 Kroger Gift Cards to Atlanta Residents

July 20, 2020

Tyler Perry is using his platform yet again to make a difference!

The producer purchased over 1,000 Kroger supermarket gift cards and donate them to the Atlanta Police Department to hand out to ATL residents. Perry believed that this will help bridge the gap between the Atlanta Police Department and the communities. In a statement he says:

“This is about the community that I love, that I live and work in. This about good people who are in need of a hand up, not a hand out.”

He adds:

“This is about the good police officers who do their job well every day, some of which are my personal friends. This is about trying to bridge unity in a city that adopted me and held me up high enough to reach my own branch on the tree of success.”

The gift cards were in the amount of $50 each.