Tyler Perry Shares An Update On \"Sister Act 3\"

05/26/2022 12:00 AM EDT by WBLS Staff
Tyler Perry has given fans an update on the highly anticipated film Sister Act 3. The movie will be starring Whoopi Goldberg, however, the plot for it has not been revealed. Perry said that this film is worth waiting for. He is reportedly more excited for the film to come out but had assured everyone that Goldberg is still in charge.“It’s more Whoopi than anything. I wanted it to be the experience that I had watching both of them,” Perry said. “I want everybody who watches it to feel that way coming out of the theater, to feel that sense of good in life. And as far as Whoopi goes too, because I just want to make sure that she was honoring Dolores and honoring the ladies and the nuns, and what they had done before, so, I’m pretty excited about the script. It’s going to be really, really phenomenal.” He went on to say that his contribution to the film is small but believes that fans will receive it will. “The script is being written, and I am the producer on it -not directing. We brought on an incredible director and Whoopi’s really excited. I think that this is just what the country needs. We need that feel-good moment in the movies where you go, ‘Oh my God, I left there singing.’ That’s my hope.”Are you ready to see Sister Act 3?