Tyra Banks Facing Social Media Backlash After Former ‘ANTM’ Contestant Said Models Got Paid $40 A Day On The Show

WBLS Staff
12/03/2021 12:00 AM EST
Tyra Banks is facing MAJOR backlash! The supermodel became a trending topic after a former America’s Next Top Model contestant, Sarah Hartshorne, from season 9, responded to a Tweet about models only getting paid $40 a day. The Twitter user said it was “wack” that Tyra made money from the show while the rest of the models made nothing. According to Sarah aside from getting $40 a day, they had to pay for their food and don’t get residual checks.Sarah Tweeted more about her experience. She claims they allegedly signed an unfair contract that said they weren’t allowed to leave the show. Take a look at a screenshot thread posted by the Hollywood Unlocked blog: critics have different opinions. Some users said the women should have read the contract, and others gave Tyra the side-eye. Take a look: Every time the topic of America’s Next Top Model surfaces, Tyra faces backlash for her behavior on the show. During the pandemic, clips of the show went viral on Twitter. Online users pointed out they feel Tyra exploited some of the women for entertainment. For example, Buzz Feed points out in cycles 14 and 17, Angelea was disqualified for briefly working as an escort. In cycle 4, Kahlen had to pose in a grave right after finding out her friend had died. In cycle 6, Tyra ridicules Danielle for not wanting to close the gap in her teeth. Another moment was when Tyra told the contestant, “I’m black and proud … but I’m not, like, walking down the red carpet [saying] ‘I’m black, I’m black.” the show aired, “the times” were different; for example, the LGBTQ community wasn’t supported in its current ways. Tyra hasn’t publicly spoken out on the backlash as of yet. ANTM aired in 2003 and ended in 2018.