Tyrese Says He Wishes He Was ‘Born Latino’ One Day Before Black History Month

Tyrese Says He Wishes He Was ‘Born Latino’ One Day Before Black History Month

WBLS Staff
02/02/2024 06:35 PM EST

Tyrese is making headlines for saying he wishes he was a Latino.

The singer shared an Instagram post of a Mexican family surprising their patriarch with a  vehicle as a thank-you for his years of sacrifice to provide for them. Friends and family gathered around the man to usher him outside to the garage of what is assumed to be his home. When he gets to the curb, they surprise him with a new truck, and he breaks down in tears.

As a caption for the post, Tyrese wrote a lengthy message paying tribute to the Latino community while seemingly disparaging his own race.

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“Sometimes I wish I was born Latino,” he wrote. “I mean the Latin community is grounded in family, loyal, entrepreneurs, businessman, and women literally represent the dream, the grind the hustle doing whatever it takes to stick together against all odds.”

He continued, “If us is black culture was more grounded in these integral magical nuances of us we would be dominant.”

 The “Sweet Lady” singer went on to praise the Jewish and Muslim communities for being much, much better than Black people when it comes to valuing family.

“I’ve learned a lot from the Jewish community sticking together eating dinner every Friday together,” he wrote. “I’ve learned a lot about the Muslim community throughout all my travels in the Middle East. They have a father structure where they honor their fathers. [In] the Middle East the thinking [and] the mentality is that they would much rather have a son over a daughter because they know that there is nothing like the leadership of a FATHER and a man being the head of the household.”

“I have no idea how we lost our way.. We can’t get anything done and accomplished, as a fragmented culture…. insecure, threatened by each other… Competitive towards our own race, killing ourselves every single day frivolously the majority of us is black men and the millions are locked up in prison,” Tyrese concluded. 

This isnt the first time Tyrese has revealed his internal battle with his race. In 2012, he posted on social media, “I used to be so ashamed of my dark skin when I was younger. Now I’m clear this is Kings and Queens skin!”

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