UH-OH: DJ Spinderella Is Suing Salt-N-Pepa For Millions [PHOTO]

July 11, 2019

photo credit: BRYAN R. SMITH / Getty Images

DJ Spinderella, of the legendary hip-hop group Salt-N-Pepa is allegedly suing her former group-mates.


According to reports, Spin is suing the two as she’s been “screwed” out of millions of dollars.  The lawsuit is alleging that Spin has lost out on money since the groups ‘Best Of’ album, which was released in 1999.  She was supposed to receive 1/3 of the group’s royalties for the album- which she never received, as well as the $125K she was promised.


Spin also claims that Salt-N-Pepa excluded her from a VH1 TV show based on the group’s journey in the music industry. She says she was promised 1/3 of the group’s fee for the show- but she received way less.


According to TMZ, “Spin says she was informed by SoundExchange — which collects and distributes royalties to artists — that her group-mates had been paid more than $600k in royalties over the last decade, but she hadn’t seen a dime of that money.”


Spin is suing the ladies for trademark infringement, as well as fraud and breach of contract.


After almost 35 years, we hope the three can work this out.


We will keep you updated.

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Eventually, The Grammys went on to include HIPHOP as a catagory.. And we would snag one in 95’ #hiphophistory #grammys

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Our dream came true last night !!! The last few months was a BEAST leading up to this moment … Anxiety and stress levels reached new heights but so did our bond @saltnpepaofficial .. 32 years later, still building !!! it’s not a dream anymore @daonlysalt @darealpepa GOD abundantly Bless all those that helped us in some way to get to this moment.. VEGAS The 3