Usher Sings 'Confessions Part 3' This Time He's Telling Her Side

WBLS Staff
02/26/2020 12:00 AM EST
Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images
Usher still got it!The Neighborhood Talk blog posted a clip of Usher performing a “part three” version to his hit song, “Confessions.” In one of the verses he sings, “Remember that time I was sitting up sick, couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night?You said bae let me take you to the ER, I said, ‘Nah, Ima be aight.’Well the next day I found out from f*cking around that the sickness I had was life.And I was fixed with the decision to keep it, knowing I had to get rid of it, rid of it.Live with it."Many speculate that Usher is singing from a woman's perspective about having to deal with an unwanted pregnancy, alone. remember, in Part 2, Usher confessed to cheating on his girl, and had a baby by another woman. Part 3 sounds like the continuation of that story, but now we're hearing from his lady. The tables have now turned and she has cheated on him, got pregnant by another man, but couldn't keep it. Usher also sings from her side, that she was "strong" when he stepped out on her, in Part 2 and asks "Now it’s you, what you gon do?"Some fans also thought he may have been referencing his 2017 controversy, where a Georgia woman accused the singer of contracting her with herpes. She ended up dropping the charges, then refilling until they finally “reached an amicable resolution.” It’s not clear how much they settled for. SOURCE