Usher’s Ex-Wife Opens Up About Being Blamed For Breaking Up His Relationship With Chilli

October 19, 2021

Tameka Foster joined the cast of The Real for a recent interview.

During the interview, she talked about her new book Here I a Beautiful State. In the book she discusses being called a “gold digger” and allegedly breaking up Usher’s infamous relationship with singer Chilli.

Co-host Jeannie Mai Jenkins, asked her, “now in your book, you talk about your ex-husband Usher, obviously being married to him, and you also described how when you came out about it you were given such horrific criticism. Like you were called a gold digger… you received a lot of flack about it. So how do those rumors and allegations, things like accusing you of being the reason why him and Chilli broke up, how did that make you feel and how did you protect yourself from that?”

Tameka says, “ya know you can’t really pay attention to what people say, at least you try not to read the comments that’s what I always say. I knew that a lot of it wasn’t true and when they said gold digger I thought they meant goal digger. I was like ‘oh I am a goal digger’ oh gold with a d my bad.”

“No but um.. yeah they had it all wrong they just didn’t know who I was and they kind of didn’t give him enough credit to know that he didn’t marry that person ya know?”

Watch the full interview below.