Victoria Monét Pens Letter To Beyoncé

Victoria Monét Pens Letter To Beyoncé

02/07/2024 01:08 PM EST by WBLS Staff

Victoria Monét recently shared a heartfelt message addressed to her idol and inspiration, Beyoncé, following their encounter at the 2024 Grammys.

Monét, known for her endearing expressions towards her music influences, expressed her nerves upon meeting Beyoncé, yet felt an immediate calmness upon speaking with her.

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In her Instagram post, Monét affectionately addressed Beyoncé as her queen, idol, and inspiration, remarking, "I was extremely nervous to come say hello to you I swear I’m usually not even the type to have the courage, but as soon as we spoke I felt a calm over me." 

Monét's letter conveyed her deep admiration for Beyoncé's influence on her musical journey.

"God knows how much I love you," she continued. "How you’ve musically raised me and trained me to be a better performer by watching and experiencing you."

She likened Beyoncé's impact to that of legendary performers Diana Ross, Tina Turner, and Aretha Franklin, emphasizing that Beyoncé's legacy has been instrumental in her own artistic development. 

Reflecting on Beyoncé's ability to gracefully balance motherhood and global domination, Monét praised her as a role model.

"The way you have gracefully balanced motherhood and world domination is to be studied," she said. 

She acknowledged the significance of Beyoncé's vulnerability in sharing her journey, particularly in dealing with postpartum depression, and credited her with providing inspiration and support during challenging times.

In her concluding remarks, Monét professed her unwavering admiration for Beyoncé, proclaiming herself as one of Beyoncé's countless devoted fans. She expressed gratitude for Beyoncé's impact on black girls everywhere and thanked her for taking the time to connect with her on such a significant occasion. Monét's heartfelt letter serves as a testament to the profound influence and inspiration Beyoncé continues to impart on artists like herself.