Video Of Odell Beckham Jr. Being Escorted Off Plane Surfaces

January 12, 2023 - Krista B.
Celebrity Odell Beckham Jr.
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The video of Odell Beckham Jr. being kicked off of a plane from Miami has finally surfaced.

The incident occurred after it was believed that Beckham was not following orders from the staff. Back in November, after traveling to various cities to see which team was willing to sign him, the football player was in Miami where he caused a scene on his flight to Los Angeles. 

According to the flight attendants, Odell refused to wake up to put his seatbelt on which caused them to call the airport police. All of the passengers on the plane had to get off due to the incident.

In a recent interview, he explained what happened during that flight. “They woke me up to tell me that they couldn’t wake me up,” he said. “They said I was unconscious and unruly or whatever words that they used. And I’m like, if that’s the case, why is there six police officers surrounding me and not six paramedics or EMTs? It just was crazy, it was something that, it is what it is. I learned my lesson- put my seatbelt on before you fall asleep.”  

The body camera footage seemingly shows everyone in a confusing situation and it also shows when OBJ and another passenger get into a verbal altercation. He later turned his attention back to the police officers and said, 

“You’re everything wrong with the world. Looking at me to get off a plane, for you. Specifically you. Maybe everybody else, I would get off the plane.” He continued, “You gon’ wait 40 minutes and I’m going to be on a private plane home. Yeah, with your fat a**. Get your a** off the plane for a second. Enjoy the cheeseboard on the way home with your ugly a**.” 

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