Wanda Cooper-Jones Announces Scholarship In Ahmaud Arbery's Honor

02/24/2022 12:00 AM EST by WBLS Staff
Wanda Cooper-Jones is keeping her son, Ahmaud Arbery's legacy alive. Jones has announced that she will be establishing a scholarship in a total of $18,000 to give to students that went to Arbery’s former Georgia high school. As The Root reports, “Arbery was a standout student-athlete at Brunswick High School.” Cooper-Jones has plans to award six $3,000 scholarships to the students at the school on what would’ve been Arbery’s 28th birthday, on May 8th. In a snippet from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, as per The Root, they wrote; “On the second anniversary of her son’s death, Wanda Cooper-Jones wants the world to think of one thing: Change. ‘Laws changing is just the beginning,’ she said. ‘Next, we must change the minds and the perception of Black men in this country.’” It went on to say, “Cooper-Jones established The Ahmaud Arbery Foundation in hopes no other family will endure the pain hers has since Ahmaud, then 25, was shot and killed on Feb. 23, 2020.” We recently reported that Ahmaud Arbery’s killers were convicted in state and federal court and sentenced to life in prison, with only one of the men being eligible for probation.