Warner Bros. To Remake The Classic Movie ‘The BodyGuard’

September 17, 2021
Celebrity Whitney Houston

This is taking things a bit too far. 

Hollywood is in talks about remaking the 1992 Whitney Houston classic “The BodyGuard.” 

It has been reported that the potential remake has yet to come up with a solid cast but names such as Cardi B, Tessa Thompson, and Channing Tatum, among others have come up. However, it is unclear if the movie will have any musical stars to play in the movie. 

The new script will be written by the Tony- nominated playwright, Matthew Lopez. 

The 1992 classic follows pop superstar Rachel Marron, played by Whitney Houston, and her bodyguard Frank Farmer, played by Kevin Costner. 

Farmer was hired to provide protection for Marron after a bomb exploded in her dressing room. The two would eventually fall in love as the movie progressed. 

This isn’t the first time that a sequel has been mentioned for the film. Back in 2012, Costner revealed that received a script for a potential part two. 

Do you feel that this movie needs to be remade or should they leave it alone?