Wendy Williams' Ex-Husband Kevin Ordered To Turn Over Divorce Settlement In Ongoing Lawsuit

Wendy Williams' Ex-Husband Kevin Ordered To Turn Over Divorce Settlement In Ongoing Lawsuit

WBLS Staff
02/04/2024 11:33 AM EST

Kevin Hunter, the ex-husband of former WBLS on-air personality Wendy Williams, is in an ongoing legal battle with Essentia Insurance Company.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Hunter was ordered to turn over a copy of his divorce settlement with Williams. The documents reveal that Essentia Insurance Company filed a motion to compel, seeking various financial records from Hunter to aid in the preparation for the upcoming trial.

Among the documents demanded were all credit card statements from 2020 onwards, copies of bank statements, details of loans taken out in the past four years, and crucially, a copy of Hunter’s divorce settlement with Wendy Williams.

In 2022, Kevin sued Essentia claiming the company refused to pay out on a policy he had on his 2018 Ferrari California T 2DR Retractable Hardtop.

Kevin claimed the car no longer worked after being left outside with the top open during a rainstorm on November 11, 2021. His lawsuit said the damage should have been covered under his policy.

The insurance company reeled in a weather export who determined there was no rain at the time and location that Kevin claimed his car was damaged.

In addition to the demands made by Essentia, the insurance company also issued a subpoena to Verizon, requesting access to Hunter’s phone records. Specifically, they sought all text messages sent and received by Hunter from November 4th to the 25th in 2021.

Tthe insurance company claimed Kevin had refused to turn over any of the requested documents.

Consequently, at a recent hearing, a judge ruled in favor of Essentia’s motion to compel, ordering Hunter to produce the requested records, including his divorce settlement.