Wendy Williams Speaks Out About Felicity Huffman’s Sentencing

September 17, 2019

(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Wendy Williams has spoken out about Felicity Huffman’s 14-day sentence on the season premiere of her show. 

The talk-show host stated that “if she was black, it’d be 14 years”, she continued, “Do I think that she’ll ever work again? Yeah. Because first of all, she copped to it. Second of all, she’s one half of a power couple in Hollywood. And she’s a nice woman. She just did something that I think a lot of mothers would do if you had the means.”

Last Friday, Huffman was sentenced to 14-days in jail, fined $30,000 and she was put on supervised release for one year. Huffman also has to complete 250 hours of community service. Williams also shared her thoughts on Huffman’s fines. 

“I think she should have been fined millions. Also, the money that she is fined should hopefully be given to support those who can’t afford a better education.”