What in the World?! A Group of People Held Popeyes Staff at GUNPOINT for the Chicken Sandwich

09/07/2019 12:00 AM EDT by WBLS Staff

Photo Credit: ERIC BARADAT/Getty

Now, this is getting out of hand!!

A group of folks in Houston wanted the popular chicken sandwich at Popeyes so bad that they allegedly held employees at gunpoint after being told the sandwich was sold out.

(Photo Credit: Popeyes)

According to, this is what happened:

Three women, two men, and a baby reportedly pulled up to the drive-thru and ordered chicken sandwiches. They were told that they were sold out of the sandwiches and that’s when ish went left. The group of people reportedly left the baby in the vehicle and tried to get inside the restaurant. One man is reported to have had a gun. Luckily, one of the employees was able to lock the doors of the storekeeping them from getting inside. The group ended up driving away in a blue SUV.

Lt. Larry Crowson with Houston Police says, “It was more of an aggravated assault because he was displaying a weapon and threatened employees.”

Luckily, nobody got hurt.