Wow! Rapper Jim Jones’ New Jersey Mansion Sold at $100 after Being Foreclosed On

09/25/2019 12:00 AM EDT by WBLS Staff

Photo Credit: Bryan Bedder / Staff

Rapper Jim Jones has been caught up in a lot of drama lately especially after the 6ix9ine’s legal issues.

New reports reveal that Jones’ New Jersey mansion has been lost to foreclosure and sold at $100 during an action. He and his longtime partner, Chrissy Lampkin purchased the home in 2006 and took out a $680,000 mortgage with a 6.875 percent interest rate.

According to Complex, their monthly payment was $4.467. The U.S. National Bank Association filed a lawsuit stating that Jones and Lampkin stopped making payments on their mortgage since 2010. Due to nonpayment, they now owe $1.2 million. And they have to pay the entire amount.

The couple now lives in Miami.