Wow! This 16-Year-Old Is Now The Youngest Black Owner of A Beauty Supply Store

September 23, 2020

Meet this young teenager from Brooklyn, New York who makes history as the youngest beauty supply store owner. Paris McKenzie is the owner of Paris Beauty Supplyz. She went viral after sharing her accomplishment on social media. Mckenzie thanks her mother for making this all happen.

“I do have a lot of business experience. I’ve been helping my mom run her business since I was very, very young. So I know how to handle finances and how to market products in the store,” McKenzie told CBS2 “I had enough money saved to invest in this.”

She says it’s a little difficult to hang out with friends, but she tries from time to time to live like a normal teenager.

“I don’t really have any more free time, but when I do, I try to go out with my friends,” added McKenzie. “Walking in here every morning, it makes me feel awesome.”


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Y’all it’s like I’m living a dream right now! I’m at a lost for words…I’m currently at 111.1k on Twitter. THANK YOU GOD!!! Had to add the address lol: 3211 church avenue Brooklyn NY 11226 @parisbeautysupplyz

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Congratulations Paris!!!