Xscape Members Get Into A Heated Exchange On Social Media

WBLS Staff
11/16/2022 12:00 AM EST
It seems like Xscape members Kandi Burruss and LaTocha Scott have some tension between them. While on the red carpet of this year’s BET Soul Train Awards, the group were dressed beautifully but fans quickly noticed that LaTocha was not wearing the same color as the other girls. She wore a green gown as the other three members wore a silver/nude color. Scott went to social media to address the fans’ concerns about the color scheme mishap on the red carpet as well as thank them for all of their support throughout the years. “Still on a high from last night…So grateful to receive the #LadyofSoul Award. To still be embraced after 29 years is very humbling. Thank you to all of the Xscape fans who’ve supported us throughout the years, and Thank you to BET for giving us our flowers. Make sure you tune in to the #SoulTrainAwards on November 26th to see us do our thing,” she wrote. She went on to say, “Sorry I didn’t get the memo, but everyone still looked amazing.” seemingly agreed with a fan who accused the rest of the group members leaving her out on purpose in which she said, “Thank you! Because they didn’t tell me anything. It’s more to this than people know.”Kandi was quick to respond to the comment and said, “The only thing for people to know is that you chose to have a separate stylist from the rest of the group. You chose to separate yourself, do not blame us for that. Stop continuing to put out false narratives.” Kandi would turn her comments off under her post shortly after. What are your thoughts on this situation?