Xscape’s Tamika Scott Celebrates The Release Her New Cookbook

May 18, 2022

Singer Tamika Scott has brought her cooking dreams to reality, with the release of her new cookbook! 

When the world shut down in March 2020, Scott spent most of her time in the kitchen making meals for her family. She would also learn new recipes and take trips down memory lane with her mother about the food that they use to make together. 

After much encouragement from her husband and later on from her fans, Scott decided to write a cookbook. On May 17, Scott’s Table Set: Cooking with Tamika Scott was released. The book is not only filled with recipes but it also has personal stories, family photos, and so much more. 

In a recent interview with Essence, Scott spoke about the process of putting the book together and why she chose to work with Hunter Publishing to push her book out. “Hunter Publishing was one of the many publishers that reached out after I started posting my food on Instagram,” she said. 

She continued, “They came with a master plan, like, ‘Hey, you know, we see you’re cooking, let’s take this to a whole ‘nother level.’ I said, okay, I’m glad they’re interested. Let me show them why they really need to do this. I’m not just Tamika Scott from Xscape. I cooked a spread. I threw down, I had the shaping dishes out. I had the table set up. I had my best China out. I had so much food and they were just amazed. [They] pulled out the checkbook and it’s all she wrote.” 

She also discussed the importance of including personal stories and photos from her life as a way to be authentic with the people who buy the book. “I didn’t want to put on a show. And I just wanted people to see me in my purest form. I wanted people to see the mistakes I made. I wanted them to see when I was sad. I just wanted to be as authentic as possible.” 

Table Set: Cooking with Tamika Scott is available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble, and Hunter Publishing.