A Guide On How To Protest + Protect Yourself From COVID-19

Society made a MAJOR statement protesting for racial equality amid a global pandemic. 

Health officials fear a spike in COVID-19 as demonstrators continue to rally for racial equality. The public murder of George Floyd crushed the black community/those who support it and awakened people who were blind to an issue that has been going on for centuries. 

The movement against police brutality reached all 50 states, as well as across the globe! However, as we push for an end to stop white supremacy, systemic racism, abuse of power, the killing of unarmed black men/women/children, plus hold police officers accountable, and more, we MUST protect ourselves from the deadly Coronavirus.

It’s a good thing the weather is getting warmer and the majority of the protests are outside because “larger air volume disperses the virus, and a larger space facilitates social distancing,” The Conversation reports. 

Here’s a list of tips on how to demonstrate safely:

Before you go to a protest and after, you can also take your temperature. Also, when you come home from protesting, you should wear a face mask (not the one you wore during the protest) for two-three weeks around your family. Keep in mind, some people can be symptom-free carriers of the novel virus, so get tested