Akon Responds To Suge Knight’s Rape Allegations

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Akon is responding to the allegations that Suge Knight has brought up against him. 

On the recent episode of Knight’s newest podcast, “ Collect Calls with Suge Knight,” he accused Akon and his producer, Detail, of raping two young girls. After hearing about the shocking claim, the “Locked Up” singer went on social media to address the rumors. 

“The world knows a lie when they hear it. It’s unfortunate that this man is going out like this. It’s sad and seriously embarrassing. Regardless of our history, I’m still going to be praying for him,” Akon wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

Knight has yet to respond back to Akon’s statement, however, he claimed that the young girl was the sister of one of his associates. In the conversation with his co-host Dave Mays, the Death Row founder talked about the details leading up to the alleged incident. 

He said, “One of my homegirls, she was a hustler. She had a little sister who was thirteen years old; her best friend was twelve years old. She was in the car with her.” Knight continued, “Akon and Detail called her. She said, ‘I got my little sister and her best friend with me.’ They said, ‘Well, just stop by for a second.’ She goes by Akon and Detail’s hotel… in their room. She gets a call. The dudes at the hotel who she met when she was coming to see those motherf*****s. He said, ‘Come by. That’s the twenty minutes.’ She said, ‘I can’t do it right now; I gotta take my little sister home… and her friend. I’ll be back in an hour.’”

Knight added, “He said, ‘Come by, twenty minutes. I got a big payday for you. You, Akon, said, ‘Go ahead, you can leave your little sister and her friend right here. We’ll order them something to eat.’ She goes up to the next room. Instead of coming back in twenty minutes, she said she comes back [in] about thirty-five minutes.”

He concluded, “When she gets back in the room, her little sister and the other little girl don’t want to eat, they look scared, they crying. When she gets in the car with them, they tell her. Akon, you f*cked a little girl [who was] thirteen; Detail, you f*cked a little girl [who was] twelve years old!”

It’s been reported that in 2020, Detail was charged with multiple counts of sexual assault. What are your thoughts on this?