Anita Baker BOOTS Babyface from Tour, Dwyane Wade Speaks On 50/50 Controversy

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The Rewind with Jus Nik, keeping you informed on everything that happened in the culture this week:

Dwyane Wade x Gabrielle Union:

Dwyane Wade broke his silence after social media scrutinized him for splitting the bills 50/50 with Gabrielle Union. Dwyane appeared on the Club Shay Shay podcast with Shannon Sharpe and explained why it was her choice to “go Dutch” on certain expenses. He also revealed how they protect their finances.

Kelis x Bill Murray:

Kelis seemingly addressed rumors about dating 72 year old Bill Murray. Bill and Kelis have a common factor that could be the reason they’re spending time together.

DeVon Franklin:

DeVon Franklin revealed he cries himself to sleep over his ex-wife, Meagan Good. He said he’s healing, and also spoke on how he feels about Meagan currently. 

Anita Baker x Babyface x Tank:

Anita Baker decided to give Babyface the boot off her tour. Babyface responded, and said its all love, but Tank wants to know, “who will protect Black men.?”

Tyler Perry x BET:

Rumors swirled that Tyler Perry successfully acquired BET and VH1, making him the first African American to own two major television networks. It’s not clear if it’s true or if a deal is finalized.