Bobb’e J. Thompson Accuses Tracy Morgan Of Mistreating Him While Working Together

Actor Bobb'e J. Thompson arrives at Cartoon Network Hall of Game Awards held at The Barker Hanger on February 21, 2011 in Santa Monica, California. 20949_006_MB_0615.JPG
Photo Via Getty Images

Actor Bobb’e J. Thompson reveals that he was mistreated by former co-star Tracy Morgan while on the set of “The Tracy Morgan Show.” 

While on the Comedy Hype podcast, Thompson shared the story about how he was treated by Morgan back in the day. According to the actor, Morgan was allegedly upset with him for “stealing laughs” and said that Morgan addressed the issue by cussing at him and telling him to calm down. 

However, it is still being determined if this happened one time or if it was something that happened all the time. Thompson also claims that Morgan would talk badly about him to producers often.

Thompson said that Tracy’s treatment towards him since he looked up to the comedian. The former child star is not looking for an apology but he does want Tracy Morgan to confess to hating on him when he was just a 7-year-old kid. 

Tracy Morgan or his representatives have not responded to these claims.