Bun B Opens Up New Restaurant

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UGK Legen, Bun B has shown fans that he can rap but now he’s proving to fans that he can throw down in the kitchen.

The new restaurant, Trill Burger, temporarily opened this week. The 3,236-square-foot outlet will be the brand’s home for the next six months while the owners find a permanent spot for it.

“It’s been a dream for us, and it’s actually coming true,” Bun B expressed in a post on Instagram. “It’s been our sole goal to open up an establishment where we can serve you guys Trill Burgers consistently at a high level on a daily basis. And now we’re ready to do it. We are now officially open for business, ready to serve you.”

Trill Burger first launched as a pop-up series in 2021. The rapper’s sandwich was even crowned, the best burger in America by Good Morning America in July of 2022.

“It’s so surreal that it doesn’t make sense to be in Times Square having won the best burger in America live on Good Morning America,” Bun B said. “It’s not even in the realm of things that we would have imagined for this brand. We just wanted to put in hard work and be justified for what we did, and today we got the ultimate validation. I can’t wait to bring this burger to America.”