Columbus Short Hit With A Restraining Order From Neighbors

Columbus Short’s neighbors are making sure that they remain safe while living next door to the actor by getting a restraining order against him.

According to reports, the neighbor said that Short got in his face over the weekend and threatened that he will beat the neighbor up. The neighbor also claims that the actor grabbed him and tried to follow him home. 

The restraining order states that he has to stay 15 yards away from the neighbor and his family. Columbus Short has not released any comments about the altercation with his neighbor. This isn’t the first time that the “Stomp The Yard” actor has been in trouble with the law. 

He was arrested in February after an argument he had with his wife where things allegedly became physical. He was later charged with 2 misdemeanors that would later be dismissed. 

“They dismissed the case from what I was told because the prosecutor felt there was no wrongdoing,” he said.