Deion Sanders Mural Defaced At Jackson State University

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It seems that people are still upset with Deion Sanders’ decision to coach at the University of Colorado after being at Jackson State University for three years and making their football team undefeated. 

Since his announcement, students have reportedly been disappointed with “Coach Prime” and decided to show him. In a recent video that has gone viral, a student can be seen defacing the mural of Sanders as another person can be heard cursing.

It is unclear if the student will face any disciplinary action for the defacing of the mural. Although the students were upset with Sanders, others are taking his side. We recently reported that Shannon Sharpe, the host of Undisputed said “I was more excited for him than I was sad for Jackson State.” 

He continued, “And I think Jackson State should be happy for him because he gave you a blueprint and showed you what you could be, what you could be.” 

What are your thoughts on this?