Diddy Reportedly Wants To Name Accuser Suing Him For Wrongful Termination

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Diddy wants to clear his name once and for all in his current wrongful termination case. 

Last year it was reported that the media mogul was hit was a wrongful termination lawsuit by the niece of the late Kim Porter. The unidentified woman also filed a lawsuit against Tri Star Sports and a few others. 

The woman claimed that she was fired as the nanny of Diddy’s twins for requesting maternity leave. She also states that she was fired for setting a bad example for the twins for being unmarried and pregnant. 

However, Diddy is pushing back on claims and he wants to reveal the identity of his accuser. He allegedly objected to the ex-nanny’s claims to keep her identity hidden during this case, as she continues to go under the name Jane Roe. 

Roe claims that Diddy wants her name revealed so that he can “harass her and invite societal and professional harm to her and her family.”  She added that she’s “desperate to preserve the privacy she had left, terrified of possible physical harm to her and her minor children, and fearful of further victim shaming, blaming, and retaliation.” 

What are your thoughts on this?