Eight States Are Holding Primary Elections TODAY + What You Need To Know

EARN MY VOTE: Everything you need to know and where to go in the Tri-State!

COVID-19 disrupted the lives of many but partaking in politics isn’t on pause. 

Eight states including Washington, D.C are holding primaries today. The Coronavirus put things on hold for some states while others were already scheduled to have their voting day. States that are holding primaries include New Mexico, South Dakota, D.C. and Montana, Indiana, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. 

States are encouraged voters to send their votes in by mail to minimize crowds due to the pandemic. However, parties in the campaign are fearful of election fraud. The mail-in process could also result in slower results. 

Donald Trump already obtained enough delegates to secure the Republican Party. Joe Biden is still fighting to officially obtain enough delegates for the Democrat presidential nomination. This voting is also important because it will help determine who will be in the House and Sentate in November. 

If you would like to see real change, it starts with you taking action at the polls and being in control of who is in power. For more information on a specific state, click here