Eric Braeden Slams Fan’s Racist Comments About His Co-Stars

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Eric Braeden steps in and defends his co-stars against a fan’s racist comments. 

On May 31, a fan of the daytime soap opera, “The Young and the Restless,” sent out a racist tweet directed towards three of the show’s Black characters. “The three faces that are destroying the show.” she wrote. “They all think their high and mighty when they’re not, can’t wait for someone to put these slaves in their place. #YR” 

The tweet was brought to Braeden’s attention by fellow actress Yvette Nicole Brown who tweeted about the disgusting comments and revealed that the fan was also blocked by the “General Hospital” account.  “Dear @YandR_CBS have you seen this tweet from @ghyrbbfan1974? She was blocked by the @GeneralHospital site for this same level of racism.” 

The actor responded, “These three actors are dear colleagues of mine; they have more class than you LOW LIFE can imagine! We are going to block your racist a**, you got that b****??!!” 

Fans on X (Twitter) also shared their thoughts and reactions to Braeden’s response. See them below! 

Eric Braeden is no stranger to expressing himself on the social media platform either. Last April, he revealed that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer after having issues when going to the bathroom. In the video, he recalled making frequent trips to the bathroom which alerted him to go to his doctor. Braeden would later undergo a procedure to have the cancer removed to relieve the pressure off of his urethra. He also said that after the surgery he was doing better. 

In August 2023, he revealed that he was cancer-free. Eric Braeden is best known for his role as Victor Newman in “The Young and The Restless,” a role he has played since 1980.