Erykah Badu Responds To Beyoncé Copying Style Claims

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Erykah Badu finally clears the air on if she thinks that Beyoncé has been copying her style. 

After Beyoncé released her album “Cowboy Carter,” Badu seemingly criticized her look on her Instagram page. “Hmmm,” she wrote, “I guess I’m everybody stylist.” Badu would later call on Jay-z to step in once the Beyhive began to attack on social media. 

“To Jay Z. Say something Jay. You gone let this woman and these bees do this to me???” 

During a recent interview, Badu was able to set the record straight on the backlash she received and share what she really thinks about Beyoncé’s style. “I said “Hmmm” in a post and people assumed that means a certain thing because they think that. I didn’t say that. I didn’t say I thought that. Only thing I said was, “Jay Z, get these people off me.” I didn’t explain my post or anything, I didn’t have an opportunity to. I was guilty before it started.”

She continued,  “I don’t care. It doesn’t matter, I’m so proud of her. I’m a Texas woman, she’s a Texas woman. It’s beautiful. [Beyoncé] works super hard. [The] Knowles family is friends of mine, I love them very much. Most of the things we see are just kind of made up. The press runs with it and now it becomes the narrative. I never correct it, I don’t have to, it’s none of my business. It does help me sell things though. It goes straight to my store and starts selling product when I’m trending. That’s what I use social media for, to sell my things.” 

Once these claims came out, Beyoncé’s publicist, Yvette Noel Schure, quickly addressed Badu and her claims. She went on her Instagram and posted a photo of Beyoncé while in Destiny’s Child with the caption the read, “She slays. She slays. Now. Then. Always. act ii COWBOY CARTER 3.29 #criticswithoutcredentials,” 

Do y’all think that Beyoncé was copying Erykah Badu?