Fans Are Concerned For Tiffany Haddish After Sharing Videos Of Hawaiian Beach Vacation

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After recent headlines of her DUI arrest, Tiffany Haddish flew to Hawaii for a peaceful and serene vacation. However, photos and videos of her beach trip has sparked concern from fans.

The comedian and actress, who celebrated her 44th birthday on December 3, took to social media to show off the photos along with the caption:

 I Love being silly on the black sand beach. I have always wanted to do a swimsuit photo shoot. This silly one will do for now.

In the video, Haddish is seen twerking and seemingly undressing her blue ensemble on Maui’s sacred black beach.

Fans were split on Haddish’s behavior. Some were concerned for her, even making accusations of substance abuse. While others applauded the actress for taking time to heal and enjoy life.

Tiffany Haddish bizarre behavior
Tiffany Haddish bizarre behavior
Tiffany Haddish's bizzare behavior

In November, Haddish was arrested for falling asleep in her car on a Beverly Hills street. Police reports say she was “slumped over the wheel” of her Tesla, presumably intoxicated. This incident follows last year’s DUI arrest in Georgia, where she was arrested after reportedly falling asleep in a car after smoking weed.

On Dec 18, the Los Angeles native posted Day 2 footage of her Hawaiian adventures. She shared, “I am having so much fun exploring Gods Beautiful creations with my very cool friends.”

She added, “I Love a Great adventure and having fun with awesome people.You should try it sometime it Does wonders for the soul!”