Gizelle Bryant Spills The Tea About Her New Relationship

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Gizelle Bryant gives fan insight about her new relationship with Jason Cameron. 

In a recent interview, the Real Housewives of Potomac star talked about why he adores her new beau. “I’m super happy that Jason kind of understands me, gets my life. I clearly understand his life,” she said. “He has been a breath of fresh air and someone that I can just tell everything to, and I know it stays with him.”

Although she is happy with Cameron, she has yet to put a title on their new found relationship. “I just am appreciating the time that we have and the time that we spend together. We have so much fun when we’re together, I’m just happy doing what we’re doing,” she said. 

Bryant continued, “We’re not allowing other people to make us put pressure on it. And we’re there for each other,” she explained. “And my dad passed recently. He understands [that]. His mother passed a while ago, and so he’s just been able to see me for who I am, and I appreciate that.”

She went on to say that her three daughters, Grace 18, and her twins Adore and Angel, 17, approve of her relationship with Jason Cameron. “So when he came to see me one of the first times, they were like, ‘Well, we have questions,’” she said. “And so they asked him a million questions and he passed the test.”