Jada Pinkett Smith Stops By Iyanla Vanzant Following Separation From Will Smith

Jada & Iyanla Vanzant

Actress and author Jada Pinkett Smith is continuing to promote her new memoir, “Worthy.” She recently sat down with life coach Iyanla Vanzant for ‘The R Spot’ podcast on the Shondaland Network,” where she went into detail about what she sees as the heroine within.

In a candid and exclusive conversation, the Set It Off actress had a personal discussion about the “Basic Ingredients of a Woman’s Worth,” which is themed in her book.

In a clip shared on Pinkett Smith’s Instagram, Vanzant asked Pinkett Smith to expound on the notion of “women and their worth.”

“You have this comment, a statement in the book that says, ‘My belief is that every woman is worthy, a walking treasure that deserves to live as the heroine of her own story,’” the former tv personality read from the book with a smile. “You better talk to me. Talk to me about being the heroine of your own story. Your story, Ms. Jada.”


The salacious drama regarding Tupac and her ex-husband had been the main talking point surrounding the memoir. However, Vanzant’s interview steered away from that, focusing on her personal growth and understanding of being her own heroine.

“You know, being the heroine of my own story was me coming to terms with every aspect of it. Coming to terms with my light and my shadow,” the New York Times bestselling author said.

“I was just as much afraid of my light as I was of my shadow, to be honest,” she explained. “And realizing that it is my relationship with myself and the great supreme that is the most important and was the thing that had been missing all along.”

In the full episode, Pinkett Smith reveals more about her personal life beyond her marriage. She shares revelations she made about her parents and how this discovery profoundly shaped her relationship with them. She encourages listeners to “learn to accept the harsh truths of your life.”

Listen to the full episode below: