Jaleel White Ties The Knot With Nicoletta Ruhl

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Jaleel White is officially a married man. 

The actor tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Nicoletta Ruhl. The couple had their ceremony on May 4th in Los Angeles. 

In a recent interview, Ruhl spoke about their wedding and said, “It was important for all of the people that carry an impact on our daily lives to be present and for each and every one of them to enjoy themselves and feel as though they were part of something intimate and meaningful.”

Jaleel White and Nicoletta Ruhl met in 2022 during the pandemic while working out on the UCLA track. They would make their relationship public on Instagram and six months later they would announce their engagement. 

White added, “we’ve each committed ourselves to loving and helping one another achieve the best possible outcome in anything we set out to do both personally and professionally. Ruhl chimed in and said, “We don’t rush anything and we always have honest intentions for one another. We both fully believe that when you force something, it won’t result in the best outcome and because of this we’ve seen a lot of blessings in our life together thus far.”