Jason Derulo Sued For Sexual Harassment By Another Singer

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Singer Jason Derulo has been accused of some serious allegations. 

He was recently named in a sexual harassment lawsuit by fellow singer Emaza Gibson. The lawsuit claims that Derulo made sexual advances towards Gibson which she rejected and ultimately cost her her music deal. 

Gibson is also stating that the singer pressured her into drinking and doing drugs in exchange for working with him. The singers first encountered each other when Gibson was a part of the group Ceraadi when they started to gain traction on social media. 

After the group broke up, it was stated that Derulo reached out to her as a solo artist because she was still trying to pursue her music career. In a recent interview she discussed the lawsuit saying, “I’m at this point in my life right now, it’s very heartbreaking… I have anxiety; I’m traumatized. I’ve dealt with inhumane work situations… I’m at this point where I’m back to zero and I have nothing.” 

She went on to talk about what happened after she agreed to work with him including forcing her to drink. “I told him that I wasn’t a drinker… so it’s like, you know, you’re not listening to that the first time I tell you, and you’re still pushing on me… It’s like pressure at this point.”

Emaza Gibson stated that she wasn’t willing to compromise her morals to reach success and said that she hasn’t heard from since she rejected him. It’s unclear what the lawsuit is seeking and Jason Derulo or his team has not responded to these claims. 

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