Jeezy Reveals That Therapy Couldn’t Save His Marriage To Jeannie Mai

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Rapper Jeezy continues to give details about his divorce from estranged wife, Jeannie Mai.

In a recent interview with Nia Long, Jeezy revealed that he and Mai tried to do marriage counseling to help save their marriage but it didn’t work. “Integrity intact, I could never say anything that would not honor somebody. But I can tell you that this has not been an easy journey. I can tell you that I’m saddened, I can tell you that I’m disappointed, I can tell you that I’m uneasy,” he said. 

Jeezy continued, “But then again, God has put me in a different path, and that path is going to entail for me to take care of myself, and to love myself, and to be in the best situation. And I can thrive as someone who been through all the things I’ve been through.”  

He added, “I don’t like to fail at anything. I can only be responsible for myself. I can only do what I can do. I can’t expect someone else to do what I’m doing.”

Last month, he released a statement after filing for divorce and stated that the decision “was not made impulsively.” 

In 2019 the couple went public with their relationship and got engaged a year later. They would get married in 2021 during an intimate wedding at their Atlanta home.

We reported that the couple was heading for divorce in September after two and half years of marriage. Although they are getting divorced, Jeezy and Jeannie Mai still live in the same home along with her mother and brother until the divorce is finalized.