Jennifer Hudson Open To Verzuz Battle With Fantasia

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Jennifer Hudson is ready to battle it out with Fantasia.

Rapper and producer Swizz Beatz visited EGOT title holder, Jennifer Hudson on her talk show, The Jennifer Hudson Show last week.

While chatting with Hudson, Swizz discussed his marriage to Alicia Keys, being proud of his son Egypt, a recent health scare and the future of Verzuz.

Swizz, who is celebrating 13 years of marriage to Alicia Keys, revealed that he was late to his first date with the renown singer and pianist. At the time, he was tying a gift on top of her truck to surprise her, which delayed his arrival.

Hudson also asked Swizz about how it feels to watch his children evolve creatively. “We don’t force things on them, we don’t force art, we don’t force music. What we force is good intentions.” He added, “We have to let the kids be who they want to be, but guide them in the right way and not put that pressure on them.”

Hudson asked the producer the projected date for the next Verzuz season. He replied, “Soon as you and Fantasia sign the contract.” Amused at his response, Hudson replied saying when Fantasia Barrino is finished filming her movie, it can potentially happen.

Both Hudson and Barrino have had flourishing careers since their participation in American Idol. Powerhouse vocalist, Barrino has received numerous accolades as a singer, releasing seven studio albums and countless awards. She also dove into acting (The Color Purple, The Butler) and being an author (Life Is Not a Fairy Tale). Last year, Sigma Gamma Rho sorority announced that Barrino was inducted as an honorary member of their sorority.

Hudson rose to fame for her knockout vocals ever since her 2004 American Idol appearance. Throughout her career, she has received various accolades for her work in recorded music, film, television, and theater. She became an EGOT last year when she won a Tony for her work in the musical, A Strange Loop.

Based on their resumes, Hudson and Barrino are in a similar vocal weight class and would be perfect contenders for a Verzuz match.

Check out a portion of their interview below: