Judge Mathis Speaks Out About Allegedly ‘Spitting’ on a Valet Attendant

photo credit: Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

Judge Mathis is denying the allegations that he “spit” in a valet driver face. 


News broke that the celebrity Judge parked his Rolls Royce at a restaurant called Flood’s Bar and Grille in Detroit. Things went left when Mathis was gearing up to leave. Reportedly, the valet driver had Mathis’ keys in his pocket, as he was away retrieving another customers car. The valet was allegedly gone for 10-15 minutes.


When the valet returned, things got heated. The valet told police that the Judge spit on him, and then left. 


The police are investigating this incident.


Now, according to the Judge, this didn’t happen the way the valet driver is alleging. He spoke to TMZ and says he never spit on the valet. He is also stated that the driver was gone for longer than 15 minutes.


Hear his side of the story for yourself below.